Oh god, oh god, oh god. I... I think they are surrounding me. It was a fucking trap! I should have known better. No one was here. It was just a mother fucking hanging piece of glass. I am such an asshole. FUCK! I knew they were on my trail. I knew better than to come into this building. The 15th floor? What was I thinking? It took me a week just to get up here. I got the flak jacket but it just cut me in the rbs where tht jagged hole was. I patched myself up pretty well, and I found some cleaning alcohol and bandages, but I am feeling weak now. The air seems thicker, it feels harder to breath.

I stopped on the tenth floor for a day to re-dress my wound, and to check to see if I was being followed. That was when I saw them. Their shadows are the only way to see them during the day. They are cloaked but for some reason they still cast a shadow. That was one of the ways we first learned to semi-effectively defend ourselves from them. But they adapted quickly. They had no thermal signature, didn't show up on night vision, but they cast shadows. Our military started attatching high powered lights to our tanks and our mobile units. It worked for a short amount of time. But, just like every other strategy we implemented against them, they were fast to adapt. They just used swarm tactics and overpowered us. It didn't matter

They must be getting complacent, They are walking the streets not worrying about hiding or ambushing. This does not bode well for me. That means they don't think there are any threats nearby. Shit! They are coming into the building! Oh god I knew that this was a bad decision. I will not let them capture me. I can't. I am going to the roof. I set the computer up to transcribe my voice. I love technology. These things do not have good hearing. I have sneezed right next to a scout squad of them while I was hiding behind a wall, and none of them reacted. So, I am not afraid to talk. But, their vision is beyond incredible. Any minute movement, within their scope of view and you are a dead man. They are incredible hunters. I figure I have about 20 minutes to get to the roof. That is five floors, that is four minutes per floor. I can't run because they will see the dust falling, so I have to be deliberate with my movement. I should be able to do it though...

Alright, I have gotten through two floors, three more to go. I haven't heard or seen any signs of them yet, and I have been checking my trail pretty consistently. All of the doors in this building were closed. That is pretty unique. Most of the other buildings I have been in have had doors blown off or hanging wide open from the wind or just left open when they were abandoned. Actually, I have not seen an open door yet in this building. Infact, I had to open the door toget into the room with the fucking glass. Shit this really was a rap I bet they had all of these doors triggered with alarms. Shit! How could I be so dumb. Okay, here is the plan. I am going to open every door that I pass for the next three floors. Tis might alert them that I am here, but they know already. They always know. This should at least confuse them a little bit. They will have to clear out every room. Okay, here goes nothing...

There... there is a door open on the second to last floor. What do I do? Could it be someone else... I, I hear movement. Shit I am caught, Fuck! I am going to die!


what the fu...

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"(VOICE NOT RECOGNIZED)

What? wait , I have been looking for so long... They. Wait! We need to hide! They are coming! I saw them come into the building! We need to go! We need to hide! We need toget the fuck out of here!

"Shit! you brought them right to me? I was fine for so long, I was safe!"

You were fucking alone! I have been looking for people for so long. Thank, fucking, god.

"Well it isn't going to do either of us much good if they catch us. Come on, I have a way out."


Is this place booby trapped? All of the doors are closed? I haven't seen anything like it for the last month. Did you do this?

"I am a marine, my name is John. Yes this place is booby trapped, and yes I closed all of the doors and I have placed explosives in the building. We need to go. Now."


Thank fucking god.

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