There is someone else. I mean, I think there is. Thats gotta be someone. There... There is a light down the street. I saw it a few days ago, when I was searching the building for food. I was on the 15th floor, making my way downstairs before dusk settled. The light, it flashes in some pattern. I thought it was morse code at first. But I checked online, and it just doesn't translate. But yesterday, I swear I saw someone adjust it. I saw an arm! I thought about yelling, but I know the way these things work.

They are out there during the day. I can't see them, but I know they are there. When a pebble comes loose in the middle of an empty street, I know what is there. I have heard terrible things during the day, as I hide... The light changed patterns last night. It is faster. More urgent. I need to communicate with this person. I plan on moving down the street tonight.

I have almost been caught twice. The first time, I hadn't slept for five days. I couldn't see straight. I was desperate for food. That was the only reason I even left my room. I had opened the door and was about to step out of the doorway, when one crossed right in front of me. It was across the street. But I saw its silhouette. Right in fucking front of me. I thought for sure it would see me. But it just kept moving along. I must have still been in the shadows.
That night I learned to stay in those shadows, and never to leave them.

The second time, was just an unlucky circumstance. I was well rested and well fed. It was near the beginning. That seems like it was so long ago. Shit. I was home with my fami... oh god. My family. My friends they are all gone. I saw them kill my parents. My father tried to protect us. He ran for his gun, but they were everywhere. I still am unsure of how I got away. My god they were everywhere. Like a swarm of bees... That was third day of the land invasion. They knew where to attack. Beijing, Tokyo, London, Sydney, Moscow, New York, all of the big cities with the large populations. They knew what they were doing. They overpowered us. All of us. I don't know why I'm alive.

I am going to leave just after sunset. I have found some food and I will eat so that I have enough energy to make it that far. I am going four blocks. I think I am going to set up camp directly across the street. So that I can scout the situation a bit better. I hope my mind isn't playing tricks on me. I am at my wits end anyways. This would be one of the last nails in the coffin. I need this to be real.

I need to go to that light. I'm leaving soon.I must prepare. If I can find one person, someone to keep hope alive. I am so close to loosing it. I can feel myself slipping. I just need help. I need something. Anything.


John Eightclip said...

Good story, creepy that this is a true story. I guess that War of the Worlds broadcast wasn't a hoax. Keep up the well written stories. I appreciate the language.

lorena zuluaga said...

That was an awesome story. You sucked me in from the beginning. I love the colors of your blog, and the picture. From the first moment you get in you blog and you read the first line you get into the story. I though it was fiction at the beginning and then it was weird how at then end it turn out not to be, and your voice really came out. It was more personal from the middle down. I liked the mix of factual then personal. Keep the good work. If you like storytelling, which I can tell you do, check out this greatwebsite with lots of short stories to choose from.

Caleb said...

Going into this situation blind is too dangerous. You have to make some sort of weapon before you go out to the light. Call me your voice of reason (or your crazy side). You cannot go into this unprepared. It is unclear to what you are going to find. You may be all that is left, so stay alive! I (your voice of reason) will place this idea in your head. All you need are skulls and leather. Good luck. And yes, you are going crazy.