The boiler room worked out well enough for me. The power lasted about three days before I ran out of gas for the generator., and after that I found the old coal furnace and used that to at least stay warm for another day. Now I must move. They seem to have lost interest in this building, but I have seen what they do to things that have no use to them, it is not pretty. It seems that they don't use combustion, like a bomb or bullets, I never heard any explosions. Just the sound of the buildings collapsing.

I still have received no messages, but I only have this limited resource at my disposal. So I am planning on going out into the city tonight, I am going to try to get down to the Radio Shack on Polk St. I need a CB Radio, they have batteries there too. I figure that is a reliable form of communication that will pick up most any signal in the area. I hope the place wasn't looted too bad. I, oh god... What is that light? No! Not now! Dammit I thought I had more ti...

...the, the building is still standing, but the sounds... Oh, god the sounds. The building sounds like it's crying. It... it sounds like in those submarine movies when they start going too deep and the hull starts to collapse. It's as if the walls are sinking. This place is made of fucking marble! The stone is starting to crumble, dammit I need to get out of here. Uh, backpack, charger, phone, gun, ok, oh shit picture! I need to leave. FUCK! it's still light out. Shit, shit, shit! OK uh, FIND ME I AM ON THE MOVE! I will try to stay in the tenderloin district. Please someone... fast. *click*

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Amanda Mac said...

I enjoy your blog because it is a lot different then everyone else. I am not really the BIGGEST fiction person so I am glad your blogs are more like short stories, or even journal entries...because I am the biggest snoop out there so the idea of reading someone's diary is pretty amazing.

My favorite author is David Sedaris, I have read all of his books (well except for the one I am currently reading) called Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

check it out!