WOW, sorry.

A mouse here in the library just made me jump across the room. These "things" really are that silent... as a mouse. I am not sure if I have slept. I may have passed out a few days ago for a while. this place seems relatively safe, it is quiet here, so I can listen for them better. What was my last post? Oh yeah.

On Thursday morning The U.S. President announced martial law on the entire country, he said it was a matter of national and world security. Governments all over the world tried to cover up what was really happening. They censored many of the major news stations. The flow of information was shut down. That is when things went from bad to worse. With our own government keeping us in the dark, and with as heavy of a military presence as our dwindling armed forces could muster, a suffocating claustrophobic presence fell over the country. It was almost palpable. People started looting, there were more suicides, many radicals moved out west to the deserts hoping to escape whatever seemed so imminent. We heard minimal news from other countries, but from what I gathered it was much the same throughout most of the rest of the world. Japan lost nearly an eighth of its population to sepuku in one day, after the announcement made by their Prime Minister. Of course I have no way of confirming that, but if it is like this over there, I wouldn't be surprised.


Caleb said...

Jesse, I like to story line you got going. Now that idea about making this thing go global would work. Encourage people from around the world to give their accounts of the alien invasion. So in other words anyone from anywhere with an imagination. Just an idea.

I'm already working on mine. Maybe a dutch boy that loses his favorite clogs while running from a killer windmill. An alien controlled killer windmill...it's only in the early stages.

My inspiration.

Claudia said...

Jesse very creative blog. I was smiling through the whole thing. I was wondering if you truly believe in aliens?
I want to see where you will be taking this story line, how will it end. Your writing is great, I can get a sense of what the character is going through.
I don't want you to run out of info so check this site out.